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When we’re not heading off on trips for blogs like our 3 Days in Budapest article we, here in our little online casino blog team, love to settle in front of the television to binge on films! What’s better than a pile of junk food and your favourite movie? Well, we decided to put our love of film to the test to see how we would fare as writers for Hollywood blockbusters by giving our favourite online casino games the Tinseltown treatment.

Gonzo’s Quest

Genre - Adventure

Plot Synopsis

The Americas. 16th century. Famous explorer Gonzo leaves the conquistador life behind him to seek out Eldorado before his ex-associates get there first to steal the gold for themselves. There’s danger! Jungle exploration! Ancient artefacts! And a race against time to make it to the lost city of gold before the no-good thugs.


If there’s a character in our casino games repertoire that’s going to get into danger and do stunts, it’s probably going to be Gonzo from the well-loved Gonzo's Quest slot - closely followed by Rich Wilde in Book of Dead. With Gonzo’s avalanche feature, which sees unlimited cascading reels and an increasing multiplier or free fall feature, you could land some massive wins in a game that just oozes Indiana Jones vibes. Scope out the lost city of gold with Gonzo - if you can make it past the jungle full of critters, that is!

Cop the Lot

Genre - Comedy

Plot Synopsis

A daft group of wannabe robbers keep failing at their mission to steal as much cash as they can get their hands on - but are they just bad criminals, or is there someone in the gang who wants to turn himself in? The comedy capers of the world’s worst gang, known locally as ‘The Lot’, are about to be caught in the headlights once more, but who’s to blame for getting cuffed?


Cop the Lot has a clear cops and robbers theme complete with lighthearted graphics and a vibrant colour palette, making it perfect for a comedy makeover. The characters are filled to the brim with personality as reflected in the many bonus features on offer in the game, from Free Spins to multipliers, they’re always up to mischief - but have the potential to reward players with some fantastic wins!

Wild Bandits

Genre - Western

Plot Synopsis

The greatest gunslinger in the West is tired of his life of crime and wants to head to Paris to live out his retirement peacefully. A 150-man gang wants to recruit him for the biggest heist the West has ever seen and he agrees to help - but he also takes an offer from a local sheriff to bring in the gang in return for a clean slate.


With the ability to decide your Wild West storyline, Wild Bandits boasts some incredibly immersive features that allow you to keep bandits imprisoned or trade them in for a bounty or bribes. This captures the true nature of the American frontier with its fast-paced nature and ‘every man for himself’ mindset. Survive the Wild Shootout feature, saunter around the saloon, and lasso up some free spins for a true Western online casino experience!

Black Widow

Genre - Noir

Plot Synopsis

A quiet American town of just 500 increases by 1 when a mysterious woman moves into a long-vacant house. The town’s curious deputy sheriff gets to know her, slowly becoming blinded by his love for her. When he discovers a small chest in her basement full of suspicious items, he begins to worry that maybe he knows too much...


The Black Widow slot is about as close to film noir as an online casino game can get. The storyline is centred around a femme fatale, with an overarching feeling of danger and intimacy, particularly with regards to the Web Capture feature (in which you capture characters on the central reel in return for bigger wins). There’s more than meets the eye with this mysterious woman, so will you catch her in her web of lies? Or will you fall prey to the free spins bonus feature for the chance to win up to 1,000x?

Paws of Fury

Genre - Martial Arts

Plot Synopsis

Everyone knows pandas are some of the most lovable and clumsy giants in the animal kingdom but did you know they have the ability to perform wild martial arts moves? Well, as it turns out, this friendly panda wasn’t born with the ability to karate kick his way out of danger. In learning to fight with a band of misfits in a local dojo, he discovers inner peace. And his greatest rival: a sneaky red panda.


Paws of Fury shows you some ancient panda-based martial arts - the Mind Tricks feature could bring in some impressive wins, and you could use your ninja-like skills to find extra Wilds during the Free Spins bonus. We can’t shake the feeling that this slot reminds us of an animated series of films...

Devil’s Number

Genre - Horror

Plot Synopsis

A group of mischievous teenagers sneak out of boarding school during the night and break into an abandoned library to practice their graffiti skills. One of them paints a massive pentagram, unleashing a great and powerful evil into the world - but was it an accident or was he influenced by an ancient demon?


The Devil’s Number slot naturally lends itself to the horror genre, taking place in the eerie surroundings of a library packed full of sinister decor. There’s a real hellish atmosphere on the reels, with the aptly-named Mark of the Beast bonus giving players the chance to win a fitting 666x their stake. Not only that, but there are also some fiendish free spins to discover if you discover the number of the Devil on the reels...

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