My CBB Best Bits Week 3

This series has been something, ain't it? Seems like there's never been a dull moment in the house, but that's really what you want, ain't it? Now we're at the end, the storm has finally passed and Ryan has come out the as the winner! I'm really happy with the result, and clearly most of you are too! So to celebrate an excellent year, let's go over some highlights!

It'll be hard to sort through everything - between all the drama, all the banter, Sally's predictions, Hardeep's bad jokes and everything else, but that's a mark of a good series, ain't it?

One of the most dramatic moments was the surprise eviction that saw Ben get booted out of the house! It is tense when all the housemates have to pick who's going to go at a moment's notice like that! It's a hard choice to have to make, especially when you've gotten to know everyone so well! You really feel every loss in the house and even more controversial housemates often add something to the group.

I ain't gonna lie, I enjoyed all the tasks, but the ones in the animal costumes would have drove me wild! That said I think it helped Nick come out of his shell! I do like the challenges - they're light and sometimes you just need a laugh after all that drama! It even adds some laughs to nominations, so really what's not to like?

Personally, I always enjoy seeing the letters from home - it's nice to see that other side to people when they think about the important people in their life and I think it brings everyone together, and that's just nice to see, ain't it? I was touched by how emotional Hardeep got, bless him!

Well, it's been a fantastic season, and I can't lie, I've been hooked! I can't believe that's it! At least civilian Big Brother is coming, that's something to look forward to! If you're not sure what to do until the the new series airs, then why not play some games on Pink Casino? Why not have a go at Live Blackjack or Action Bank online slot game to get over those Big Brother blues?

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