Exclusive Speed Blackjack 2

Exclusive Speed Blackjack 2


Exclusive Speed Blackjack 2 Key Points

Game Title: Exclusive Speed Blackjack 2

Game Provider: Evolution

Theme: Blackjack

Exclusive Speed Blackjack 2 Information

Blackjack is a popular live casino game, so if you’re looking for something which adds even more speed to the game, why not try Exclusive Speed Blackjack 2 from Evolution?

Hosted in an immersive live studio environment, this casino game also has a live dealer who’ll be on hand to guide you through the quick-paced hands of blackjack in this game with a unique twist.

Exclusive Speed Blackjack 2 Gameplay

Before playing a hand of speed blackjack, you will need to set your stake. The minimum per hand within Exclusive Speed Blackjack 2 is £5. After choosing your stake, you can take your seat, ready to play your hand.

What makes this game different from other blackjack variants is that players have a limited amount of time to make decisions which means speed is of the essence. However, the game is still played out with normal rules, and the aim is to either make 21 or beat the hand the dealer has without going bust.

Special Features in Exclusive Speed Blackjack 2

Speed Gameplay: This means players make their decisions about their hands at the same time, which means the game is played out quicker and allows for more hands to be played.

Side Bets: Like other variants of blackjack, this game offers players the chance to place side bets, including Perfect Pairs and 21+3. If players are able to successfully win these bets, the amount will be paid out and added to their account balance.

Exclusive Speed Blackjack 2 Summary & Review

Exclusive Speed Blackjack 2 offers players a unique take on a live casino classic by introducing speed gameplay which means more hands despite being the same game. This game also includes traditional side bets, immersive gameplay, and interaction with a live dealer, which gives the feel of playing the game in an actual casino.

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