Bianca Gascgoigne's CBB Best Bits Week 2

Bianca Gascoigne's Celebrity Big Brother Best Bits - Week 2


So we're two weeks in, and the action shows no sign of stopping! There's been banter, drama, laughs and love, and really, what more could you ask for? We've seen the Eye of the Storm going from strength to strength, and there's still so much more to rain down!

Let's kick things off with Chloe and Jermaine. So, Chloe may have left but Jermaine remains and he looks like he's going to be a big part of the drama for some time to come. Despite Jermaine constantly shrugging off his interactions with Chloe as banter, it seems that Chloe felt differently (and handled the surprises during her interview very well). My heart goes out to Chloe - emotions are high in the house and it's easy to get mixed up in things! I hope that finding out about Jermaine doesn't overshadow the best bits of her experience.

Jermaine, on the other hand, seems to know what he's doing, especially with him deciding to wear his wedding ring as soon as Chloe left. His talk with Chloe in the toilets in which he tries to get her to hide what's been said and just call it banter too (and without his mic on) means he probably won't shed his 'naughty boy' label just yet.

For me, the relationship worth watching this year is the one between Nick and Wendy the Washing Machine! Nick's been up to all sorts of mischief in order to send a card home to his kid, but I think he really quite enjoyed himself! I hope we see more of Nick having fun, and of Wendy too - I do think she's got some targets to rinse!

There's so much more that I'd love to talk about, but unfortunately this is all for now! I'm going to keep my eyes on the screen because this year's Eye of the Storm doesn't disappoint - it's shock after shock!

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