Lauren Goodger's Celebrity Big Brother Best Bits - Week 1

Wow! What a week! I ain't gonna lie, I have a feeling this series could be one of the best yet! So much drama, but it looks this might just be the calm before the storm! We've got a lot of controversial people in the house, so it's no surprise that the 'Eye of the Storm' is going to deliver!

I am still making my mind up about a couple of the housemates, but I do quite like Hardeep. He's funny, and you can't beat having a laugh. Natalie's a livewire, ain't she? She didn't take well to being nominated at all, but in her defence, it is tough! Mind you, I don't blame the other housemates for nominating her, she just loves to kick off. You do need a bit of that in the house though, don't you? And I'd love to be in the house with Sally and I don't even need a reason except getting a reading! Maybe I'll have to arrange something when she comes out.

Rodrigo in that carnival costume cracked me up! Not gonna lie, I would hate to have to wear that going about the house. Can you imagine getting stuck in every doorway? At least he pulled it off well, bless him! And Ben seems to have liked it, at least!

Now, I know a lot of people aren't sure whether Roxanne fell in the pool or whether she jumped. Personally, I think she fell. Not only would you not want to get drenched in a nice outfit like that, it's a nightmare if your microphone gets soaked, believe me! Either way, she still went down better (into the pool) than her rendition of the American national anthem did! Oh say, can you sing...

And the house has been taking inspiration from the news with President Kirstie Alley building a wall. Unsurprisingly, the wall split the house with many housemates laughing at it, but Natalie did not like it one bit. She might not like building walls, but it seems like she's fine with burning bridges!

Can you believe that this is just week one? I don't what else to expect, if only I could ask Psychic Sally! While I might not know what's coming up, I can tell you I got I've got a hunch that I ain't going to be disappointed!

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