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Any player that has explored the wider realms of online gambling may have already come across the concept of Crash games when looking for something a little different to the standard slot.

Before this came along, most Crash games were pretty mediocre offerings and they didn’t have the best reputation. But thanks to Pragmatic Play, this is no longer the case. The game, Spaceman, offers all the thrills and spills of a crash game, but with the added finesse of a top software developer. When you open up the game, the Spaceman blasts onto the screen. The game panel shows a sky full of stars and planets with a spaceman in the middle.

The spaceman stands around while players place their bets. He then blasts off during the game round. You aren’t alone in space though - unlike other games, you are joined by other space adventurers - who you can chat with as you play.

As we stated, this isn’t a game with a grid. Instead, you only have planets and the spaceman in the middle. There are about 10 seconds for players to bet as the Spaceman stands and waits.

Because this isn’t the classic slot, you won’t come across features such as cascade reels or free spins - but, nevertheless, it offers a win potential of up to 5000 your stake. There isn’t even a soundtrack - just space like sounds which happen when the wins come in. In terms of graphics and animations, there is a flying spaceman, the winnings that are counted on the screen - and the night sky also offers some gentle animation.

No reels mean no symbols. The only thing you actually need to do to play the game is simply make sure you select your bet when the Spaceman is still under the light - before he launches into outer space!

Spaceman Gameplay

The whole gameplay is the feature. This isn’t the standard slot, so don’t expect standard features.

As soon as you have set your wager and confirmed your bet, you will enter the next game round. The game starts with the spaceman blasting off - right beside an ever-increasing multiplier. The multiplier keeps on increasing until either it hits the win cap - or it crashes.

As soon as the game round has begun, two new buttons will appear - Cashout and Cashout 50%. Both buttons will display the increasing values. If you hit one of the buttons before the Spaceman crashes then you will receive that prize. If you press Cashout, you are completely out of the game. If you Cashout 50% then you get half your wins and stay in the game with the other half. You can then cashout fully when the multiplier gets higher.

However, if the spaceman crashes before you hit the button, you lose. If the game crashes at 1x, everyone will lose.

The key to success is trying to hold off cashing out as long as you can - and then building up a bigger reward before you cashout. There is no art to the game, it’s just all about random luck.

Spaceman FAQs

Q. How Volatile is Spaceman?

A. Spaceman doesn’t come with an artificial volatility - and you determine how volatile it is by when you opt to cash out. You can cash out low for more frequent small wins or cash out high for less frequent higher wins.

Q. Is there a multiplayer element to Spaceman?

A. Yes, you can converse with other players and play at the same time, but this will not affect the gameplay or your returns at all.

Q What is the biggest win possible in Spaceman?

A. The Spaceman game offers wins up to 5,000x your stake.

Spaceman Review

If you are looking for something a little different from the standard slot game, then this might be exactly what you are looking for - as it has a whole new concept from the standard game. The theme perfectly fits the concept of launching into outer-space and crashing - and it also has excellent winning potential of up to 5,000x your wager.

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