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About Blaze Roulette

There’s nothing quite like getting involved with some real-time live roulette play, and live online roulette offers plenty of advantages over playing the game in a traditional “bricks and mortar” casino. Instead of having to travel to a venue, choose a table and signal to the croupier to ensure your bets have been accepted, you can instead get involved with all the aspects of live roulette from the comfort of your home via Authentic Gaming’s flagship Blaze Roulette title instead.-

Blaze Roulette can be accessed 24/7, with live hosting taking place 24/7. The game has a unique vibe that’s a little different from many live roulette games, and has been designed to make the user feel as if they are appearing on a television roulette show, with LED lighting adorning the background and the betting board.

The live presenter adds a real touch of class to proceedings, as they call out the outcome of each spin while marking the lucky number on the board. Once the presenter pushes the button, it’s time for each player to place their bets.

The multiple camera angles and atmospheric aesthetic all help to recreate the authenticity of a land-based casino roulette experience combined with TV gaming.

Blaze Roulette Rules

Blaze Roulette is essentially a common-draw European-style live roulette game which features 36 numbered slots and a single zero. Games take approximately 45 seconds, providing players with plenty of time to consider their options before making those all-important decisions.

Placing a Bet In Blaze Roulette

There are dozens of different roulette bets open to players. As standard, even-money bets are made on red/black or odd/even bets. These bets pay the least on account of their low odds. However, players can also bet on groups. Examples of this would include a “trio” bet (where the player chooses three consecutive numbers, either in a vertical or horizontal line), a “street” bet (choosing three diagonal numbers) or a “corner” bet (four numbers touching corners).

In addition to this, Blaze Roulette players can choose to bet on ranges of numbers (take 1-12, for example). Players aren’t limited to single wagers on each spin, which allows them to cover different strategies as play develops.

Blaze Roulette’s Special Features

While live roulette games are hardly a new concept, Authentic Gaming is one of the first developers to deliver an online casino game with a realistic game show feel. Dramatic music, fantastic sound design and a unique studio layout help this game to be intriguing. With a user-friendly interface and plenty of in-game options, there’s a lot here to keep roulette fans coming back for more.

Automatic spinning helps the flow of the game in many respects. With an automatic wheel, it’s possible for the Authentic Gaming team to fit up to 80 games into a single hour, dependent on how fast players can keep up with placing bets. While the addition of the live croupier during evening play makes for a more glamorous proposition, the fast-paced nature of automatic play allows users who want to enjoy the game at a faster pace get more bang for their buck.

Overall, fans of live roulette may love Authentic Gaming Blaze Roulette, as it packs all the entertainment of the casino – and then some – into a live casino experience which can be enjoyed from anywhere.

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