What We're Watching at Pink HQ

What We’re Watching at Pink HQ

Written 30th December 2019

At the time of writing, we’re in that awkward period between Christmas and New Year where nobody’s quite sure what day or time it is, and we’re in a permanent turkey-induced languor that we can’t shake. The perfect time to binge that TV show you promised your friend you would watch months ago. Now, not that we doubt your friend’s taste in TV but we’ve got a few recommendations ourselves - so dive in and get stuck into our favourite series!

While we’ve been working hard at the office to bring our online casino players some high-quality slot games, we always have time for a quick brew and a chat about our favourite things to watch - and that’s what spurred this blog post. Everyone seems to be binge-watching these days, so what are people at Pink HQ engrossed in at the moment?

Fantasy Fanatics - The Witcher

Fancy a game of Gwent? From paperback to console to the casting of the marvellous Henry Cavill, The Witcher has been a hugely successful universe that has captivated many people looking to get Game of Thrones-esque kicks from a series more focused on monsters and drama than the complex intricacies of family, war, and politics. Expect enchanting sorceresses, persecuted monsters, and captivating lore.

Set in the hinterlands of The Continent, a mysterious nation complete with magic, monsters, and people that prove to be worse than the beasts, The Witcher is an entertaining (and often hilarious) jaunt through a genre that has seen it all. If you’ve played the games you might be a little thrown by the Netflix series as this is based on the books, so there may be some discrepancies that you weren’t expecting. We’d be curious to know your thoughts if you’ve binged on all the books - did the show live up to your expectations?

The story can be a little bit difficult to follow at times, so come prepared with The Witcher’s wiki page if you’re new to Geralt’s world.

Comedy Queens - The Marvellous Mrs Maisel

This is one of those TV series that we’ve been told about many times and seen lots of trailers for, but never gave it a go until recently, since the newest season came out at the beginning of December. There are 3 seasons to binge on Prime Video, and the series as a whole has raving reviews with an impressive 8.8/10 on IMDB - so it’s certainly a fan-favourite bit of telly.

What’s it about? A middle-class woman with a picture-perfect life discovers a talent for comedy and it turns everything upside-down and inside-out in the best way possible. This is a fantastic female-led TV series - if you’re looking for your next empowering series that absolutely passes the Bechdel test then you’ve found a cracker in the form of The Marvellous Mrs Maisel!

Mystery Maestros - His Dark Materials

BBC has been churning out some fantastic series lately, and their adaptation of the renowned His Dark Materials books has been well-received by young and old. Fresh from the big screen, Dafne Keen takes the lead as the well-loved Lyra who is in search of her missing friend and, in the process, unravels an enormous political conspiracy far too big for her to tackle alone.

The story takes place in a world similar to our own, but entirely different in that each person carries around a ‘daemon’, a physical interpretation of their soul in the form of an animal that best represents their personality. There is also the matter of Dust, a mysterious substance that forms the basis of the entire story.

There are 8 episodes in total and they’re all available on-demand now, so they’re ready for binging once you’ve made a decent stockpile of cold turkey sandwiches to work through as you watch.

Shakespeare Scholars - The King

Timothee Chalamet stars as King Henry, affectionately known as Hal by the few friends that he’s managed to make during his complicated princely upbringing. This film covers a few different Shakespeare plays following the trials and tribulations of the King as he navigates war, politics, and tragedy.

As with Shakespeare tales, this one isn’t without its twists and turns, betrayals and betrothals - it’s a fresh take on what many consider to be stale and overly complicated source material. It’s easy to follow, thankfully, and really captivating if you can devote all of your attention to the TV screen for two and a half hours.

Unlike the other recommendations in our list, this is just a one-off film - but we figured it deserves a mention anyway, especially for those of you who are being kept busy over the Christmas holidays and get a few hours a night to unwind and indulge in something to watch.

History Buffs - Vikings

Vikings is a critically acclaimed goliath of a TV series currently in the middle of its sixth season and has inspired an army of fans in the six years since it first premiered. The show follows the development of the legendary Ragnar Lothbrok, a King from legends who rose from humble farmer to Viking leader through his desire to sail West, to England.

It’s gripping, genuinely fascinating, and boasts some brilliantly choreographed action sequences that will take you to the heart of the action and have you at the edge of your seat, so no need for your usual morning coffee - this will wake you right up and keep you gripped until you have to pry yourself from the sofa to take the dog out.

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