Beautiful European Casinos

Beautiful Casinos in Europe

Beautiful Casinos in Europe

When you hear the word ‘casino’, what typically springs to mind. Gambling? Roulette wheels? The jangling of a fruit machine? Casinos are designed to house some of the oldest and most famous forms of games known worldwide so a lot of time and effort is spent making the exterior as pleasant as possible for any potential players that walk through the doors.

Generally speaking, people would rather sit down for a game of poker in a beautiful, picture-perfect casino that is as glitzy as the games it represents rather than an old run-down building. This is why plenty of land-based venues are luxurious enough to rival palaces and, in fact, some establishments are based in palaces!

We wanted to take our players on a virtual tour of some of the best & most beautiful casinos that Europe has to offer.

Casino di Venezia - Italy

Our first gorgeous casino list is nestled amongst the waterways of Venice, Italy, a city renowned for its beautiful vistas and picturesque streets. The Casino di Venezia has earned its place at the top of our list because it’s one of the most unique places to play your favourite casino games.

Widely regarded as the world’s oldest casino, this luxurious Venetian venue first opened its doors in 1638 when the building was primarily utilised as a theatre that offered guests the opportunity to play games during intermissions. This was a roaring success with the locals and it inspired the creation of over 100 casinos in the city, all wanting to offer a dedicated backdrop for the increasingly popular form of entertainment known as gambling.

Eventually, it fell out of the public domain and became home to royalty. It wasn’t until 1946 that the city purchased Ca’ Vendramin Calergi, as it was once known, and refurbished it ready to be used as a casino which opened in 1959.

As you might expect, the dress code for Casino di Venezia is pretty strict. Men are required to wear jackets in the game rooms, but there is the option to borrow one from the cloakroom if you didn’t pack one in your suitcase. You can enjoy over 600 slot machines, get involved in tournaments, and play some of the biggest and best table games.

Casino de Monte Carlo - Monaco

Casino de Monte-Carlo is actually much more than just a beautiful casino - it’s a whole entertainment complex! Here, you can also find Opéra de Monte-Carlo and the office of Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo, an opera house and a classical ballet company, respectively.

Famous in its own right, the casino has been featured in many films, the most well known being James Bond and GoldenEye. It was finished and opened to the public in 1863, soon becoming a popular tourist destination with over 7,000,000 people taking selfies in front of it in a year - all thanks to its prime position on the French Riviera.

Also on offer is a variety of modern slot machines, as you would expect from one of the most well-known casinos. During the casino’s most popular time in the summer months, the terrace is open to play table games outside, so you can take in the views of the Mediterranean while playing one of the many popular games on offer, such as roulette, trante et quarante, baccarat, and blackjack.

Something to bear in mind is its entry requirements; you must provide photo identification and there’s a €10 fee to get in per person. You can also spend an additional €10 to enjoy private rooms, if you fancy it! The dress code is surprisingly lax considering the stunning aesthetics you’ll be surrounded by, but make sure to read up on it if you’re planning on visiting to avoid being turned away.

Casino Baden-Baden- Germany

Located in a small German spa town, this casino can be found in the most unlikely of places!

Casino Baden-Baden isn’t in a bustling city, but it remains one of Europe’s most beautiful venues. In fact, famous German-American actress Marlene Dietrich once said it was “the most beautiful casino in the world,” which is a statement we’re certainly reluctant to argue with.

Currently standing at 197 years old, this casino is a traditional firm favourite and became popular when Paris closed its own gambling establishments. The entrance fee for visitors is €5 and the dress code is formal, so men must don their finest shirts and jackets while women pick out their own appropriate attire.

In terms of games, Casino Baden-Baden offers traditional live games such as roulette and poker, or if you want something a little bit more modern there are also a range of slots to enjoy.

Hippodrome Casino - England

This London-based casino is arguably the most well-known in the UK and is housed in the old hippodrome theatre in the city of Westminster. Table games reign supreme here, with an incredible five floors of gaming for you to explore and three casinos to find within its four walls!

Grand Casino is the most well-known of the three, offering a generous selection of games. The Gods is a fairly new addition to London’s Hippodrome and hones in on table, card, and dice games. Finally, there is Lola’s Underground Casino, a modern basement-esque venue with slots and table games galore.

You can find every type of casino game that you would expect to see, all within a beautiful award-winning location that epitomises luxury.