Shop the Look: Celebrity Ex on the Beach Episode One

Shop the Look: Celebrity Ex on the Beach Episode 1

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Did you watch the first episode of Celebrity Ex on the Beach? The seeds of drama have well and truly started to sow - and this can only get worse (or better) from here on out. One thing was for certain after we watched episode 1… where on earth can we buy some of those outfits?! Well, we got stuck in and hunted down some of the best pieces that were on the show and we’ve got them all here for you, ready to buy (or stick in your wishlist ready for your next birthday).

Where to Find Lateysha’s Tropical Split Skirt

Lateysha's Tropical Split Skirt

Lateysha has made quite the fashionable entrance as far as we’re concerned! That skirt was so floaty and dreamy that we absolutely had to find it so we went on a virtual shopping spree to hunt it down. We can just picture it now: us on the beach with an iced tea, this skirt, and an oversized sunhat. Vogue, here we come…

Pretty Little Thing’s leafy split maxi skirt is the closest thing we could find to the original and we think Lateysha herself would approve. They even have a matching swimsuit set if you want to dress up in gorgeous tropical palm leaves from head to toe - and we wouldn’t blame you.

This is a really budget-friendly item at just £18! Whether you fancy floating around the house in it after trying it on for a holiday you haven’t even booked yet or whether you’re folding it straight into your suitcase ready for your upcoming winter sun vacation, it’ll look great and won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

Where to Find Lateysha’s Snake Print Dress

Lateysha's Snake Print Dress

Lateysha’s gorgeous red and grey snake print dress caught the eye of a few viewers as she went off to play golf on a yacht (by the way, who knew that was a thing?!) and we saw you asking where to find the fancy number. Well, we’ve got all the answers that you’ve been searching for. Introducing Fashion Nova’s Hidden Figure dress.

Fashion Nova is a USA-based brand that is super popular on Instagram for their quick-fire versions of envy-worthy celebrity looks both fresh from the red carpet and found on the streets of LA. This dress is just £37.99 and it’s got a well-deserved 5-star rating on the site with lots of positive comments about its great fit. It’s nice and stretchy, so it’ll still be your best friend - even after a large bowl of pasta.

Where to Find Ashley McKenzie’s Entrance Shorts

Ashley's Entrance Shorts

The English judoka stormed onto our screens donned in a clash of patterns that actually seemed to work really well. At first glance his leopard print floral shorts had us umming and ahhing about whether or not we actually liked the look of them - are they gaudy or fashionable? Or both? We had to get a better look at them so we located them at H&M - their leopard print swim shorts to be exact.

At a closer look, they’re gorgeous! Where is the matching ladies’ swimwear though? We need it!

Lads, at just £8 (at the time of writing), this might be one of the best swim short investments you’ve ever made. Whether you’re booking up for a mates trip to Majorca or jetting off with your other half to the powdery sands of the Maldives, you’d do well to get them in your suitcase. You can never have too many pieces of swimwear, right?

Where to Find Georgia Harrison’s Evening Outfit

Georgia's Evening Outfit

She’s kooky, quirky, and utterly hilarious - but one thing that you may not have known about her until the first episode of Celebrity Ex on the Beach is that she’s also incredibly fashionable! The outfit she picked out for the first night in the villa filled us with so much envy that we immediately hunted down the two pieces that made it.

You can find her minimalist peasant crop top at Boohoo complete with a super handy zipper on the front, so you can say goodbye orange makeup stains that usually make you late for your taxi and ruin the mood. It’s only £16 at full price, so piecing together this fashion-forward outfit is even more possible than you think.

Those statement jeans are a pleasantly surprising bargain too; the self-love jeans can be found over at Missy Empire for just £34 at full price (and they’re 45% off at the time of writing!) complete with empowering statements that will do all the talking for you.

Celebrity Ex on the Beach Episode 2

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Stay tuned for our second update where you can shop the look of the villa’s residents as they get dressed up in their finest outfits in episode 2!