What is RTP and Slot Variance?

What is RTP & Slot Variance?

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If you are a fan of online casino games you might well have come across the terms 'RTP' and 'slot variance'. Maybe you have always wondered what they mean but have never got round to doing your research.

The thing is, if you can understand this information and how it relates to how a slot performs, you could actually use it to improve your casino experience. We’ll explain these terms to you as best as we can and also show you how you can use the information to choose slots that match up with the way that you like to play.

Being informed is the best way to get as much enjoyment as you can out of slots and make the best decisions in regards to your attitude to risk.

What is RTP In Slot Games?

Return to Player (RTP) is always expressed as a percentage. It represents that amount of money that theoretically would be returned to you when you play. So, for example, if you spent £100 on a slot that had an RTP of 97%, you could expect to receive £97 back.

The £3 difference is an average that represents the house advantage. Of course, it is not an exact science, as RTP is calculated over a long period of time. It is generally measured as an average over 100,000 spins, so the amount of time that one person spends on a slot can rarely replicate the figure exactly.

The very nature of slots means that sometimes you might win a significant amount of money, but other times you might walk away with nothing. What the RTP does tell you, however, is the likelihood on average that you might win, to help you assess if it is worthwhile playing. It can also, sometimes, give you a clue about the slot variance.

What Is Slot Variance?

Slot variance, or volatility as it’s sometimes known, tells you how ‘risky’ a game is to play. A slot with high volatility may not pay out very often but, when it does, it could be a significant amount.

A slot with low volatility, on the other hand, will pay out more often but the player is unlikely to walk away with a large amount of money; the payouts will be much smaller.

Whether you prefer high volatility or low volatility games depends mostly on your attitude to risk and how you enjoy playing games. If you are more averse to risk and like to play for long periods of time, you should stick to slots that have low variance. These won't eat through your budget as quickly because the minimum spend tends to be lower and you will also be more likely to receive payouts along the way. If you are somewhere in between and want a balanced gameplay experience, you might wish to look out for a medium variance slot, which could offer the best of both worlds.

How Do RTP and Slot Variance Relate?

As a rule, slot games have RTPs that fall between 94% and 98%. A slot, therefore, with an RTP around 94% would be considered as low but it might well also signify the slot is a highly volatile one.

Meanwhile, a slot with an RTP around 98% may represent a slot with lower volatility. Playing this type of game means that you are more likely to win your money back, though it is less likely that you will win a big sum of money. It is worth bearing in mind that this is not an exact science. The outcome of a game is still entirely random. If you want to know the volatility of a slot before you play, you should always read the game’s description.

Information on RTP and Variance

Here at Pink Casino, we like to be as upfront as we can about the RTP of a slot because we want you to be in the best position possible to choose the right slot for you. When you navigate onto a game on our website the RTP is always displayed clearly alongside the minimum and maximum bet information.

We always include a full description of any game on our website too. Within this, you should find our opinion as to how the game plays. Everyone is different and we like to give our members the information so that they can choose to play the type of game that works for them. It helps to ensure that everyone gets the most out of their experience with us and can have a safe and responsible gaming experience.

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