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Monopoly Live: Slightly different from both the Slingo and slot Monopoly games, the Monopoly Live game is presented by a professional live host who will guide you through one of our most popular live casino games of recent years. Not entirely dissimilar in terms of rules to the famous Live Dream Catcher, players could win instant prizes with just a spin of the wheel!

About Monopoly Slingo

The Monopoly Slingo game is a fantastic branded title delivered by the team at Slingo Originals that encapsulates the board game feel and upgrades it to bring in a modern online casino twist. For those new to Slingo, it works as a combination of slot games and online bingo features by offering a detailed and fast-paced pay structure along with a simplistic format of gameplay.

Monopoly Slingo is a little different from your usual Slingo gameplay in the sense that there are no reels that spin; instead, you’ll roll the dice to determine the number of positions you’ll move across the board. Land on a property and you’ll claim it, consequently marking off all the grid positions of the same colour as that property. Claiming all properties in a set will add a multiplier into the mix for all potential payouts. You could also land on Community Chests, Chance, and Jokers - all adding some welcome diversity to the gameplay. Passing Go will add a cash prize into the Free Parking kitty that you can claim when you land on that relevant position. Watch out for that pesky Go to Jail square - you’ll be sent behind bars where you can set yourself free by rolling a double (not to worry, though; you’ll be freed after your third escape attempt).

How do you win in Monopoly Slingo? In Slingo, wins are determined by completing Slingos (these are the vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines that comprise the game grid). The more Slingos you complete, the higher the prize that you could land yourself with. While some Slingo games require a minimum number of completed Slingos before prizes become available, Slingo Monopoly rewards players for even just a single Slingo! Better yet, you can even boost the value of your payouts by collecting all the properties of the same colour.

How do you complete Slingos in Monopoly Slingo? A roll of the dice will determine the number of spaces your token will move around the board. Land on a property space and all related cards on the grid will be turned over. If all cards in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line are turned over then this is considered a Slingo! Complete multiple Slingos and you’ll advance up the paytable!

What are some tips for playing Monopoly Slingo? As Monopoly Slingo is a game that pays out entirely at random, tips are usually difficult to offer and make use of. However, there are certain aspects of gameplay that we would recommend you take a look at so they don’t go overlooked. In particular, the ability to change the game’s volatility to better suit your own individual preferences is something you should do before you start playing. Just beneath the paytable you may notice a ‘Choose Profile’ button - tap this and you’ll be presented with 4 different tokens that represent 4 different profiles and volatility levels. The higher the volatility, the bigger the potential payouts but the less regular those payouts are expected to be. These profiles also come with some brilliant extras, so be sure to take a look.

Top Monopoly Slingo Bonuses

Volatility Selector

Dog: The Dog profile offers low volatility with the chance for small but regular payouts. You’ll get 8 dice rolls with a 500x maximum win to play for.

Racing Car: Pick the Racing Car profile if you’re looking for relatively balanced gameplay as this is a medium volatility option, verging on the lower side of the spectrum. You’ll get 7 dice rolls with a 1,500x maximum win.

Battleship: The Battleship is another medium volatility profile, but this one veers on high. You’ll get 7 dice rolls with a 2,500x maximum win.

T-Rex: The T-Rex is the most volatile option available - suitable for players looking for potentially bigger but less frequent payouts. You’ll get 7 dice rolls with a 4,000x maximum win. As a cherry on top, you can purchase as many extra spins as you like at the end of standard gameplay.

How to Play Monopoly Slingo

Stake: Press the Stake button to the left of the Paytable and you’ll see a full list of the available stake options - the number of spins this gives you depends on the profile you’ve selected but will be either 7 or 8. Again, the number of extra spins you can purchase depends on your selected profile so be sure to double-check your current choice before you start playing.

Roll: If the rules are to your liking and you’ve set your stake, press the Start button to commence the gameplay. You’ll then need to press Roll to start each of your rounds - this will roll the dice and move your counter for the correct number of moves. Properties are automatically purchased and your cards are automatically marked off where required.

Pink Casino’s Monopoly Slingo Review

Monopoly Slingo is easily one of the most potentially high-paying Slingo games that we have on offer at Pink Casino so if you’re someone who enjoys gameplay that can offer some fantastic payouts then this is a great option for you. We particularly like that you can choose your own volatility level depending on the gameplay preferences you have.

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