Mars Attacks!

About Mars Attacks Online Slot

Mars Attacks is a space-themed slot played on 5 reels and containing 20 different paylines based on the well-known film by Tim Burton. Brought to you by Blueprint Gaming, the winning combinations will be formed by lining 3 or more matching symbols from the left on adjacent reels.

The game is themed much like the movie itself, complete with the sound effects. As well as this there are many different bonus rounds for you to play through, all that you need to do is land 3 scatter symbols on the reels. Alongside this, you may just get the chance to have a go at winning the Jackpot King, which if you didn’t know is a progressive jackpot feature that could give you big wins!

How to Play Mars Attacks Slot

Total Bet

To begin the game you will need to press the Total Bet button, this gives you the chance to choose the amount that you want to bet with per spin of the game. There will be a list of available stakes for you to choose from.


If you have decided on the amount that you want to play the game with then press the Spin button to get the game started.


Pressing the menu button will show you all the information about the slot itself. This contains the paytable of the game which shows you the paylines of the game. As well as this there will be the value of each of the symbols and the ways in which you trigger the different bonus rounds.

Mars Attacks Bonus Features

Mars Attacks Modifiers

During any spin of the game, you may just randomly trigger a Mars Attacks Modifier. These Modifiers are:

Radiation Blaster: This places wilds on to the reel in random positions. Mega Shrink Ray: During this, the reels will shrink so that only 5 symbols appear in each of the reels. Wins will then be paid for any of the consecutive symbols, left to right. Abduction Beam: The symbols on the reels will be taken away by the Mothership in this feature and then new symbols will be cascaded on to the screen. Expansion Cannon: During this round, a Mystery Symbol will be placed on the reels, this will then spread to the nearby positions on the reels, after a while, this will then turn into a randomly selected symbol. Sub-Zero Laser: All winning symbols will be frozen in their place and then the reels will respin and continue until you stop winning.

Mars Attacks Bonus Activation

If you land 3 or more of the bonus symbols in view on the game interface then this will trigger the bonus round. When you have achieved these symbols on the lines you will be taken to a separate screen, in which you will be taken to pick a zone from the world map. These zones are:

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Australia
  • America (North and South)

If you land 4 bonus symbols then the lowest paying bonus round will be eliminated and landing 5 symbols will activate the highest paying feature ‘Final Stand’ will be awarded to you.

Spy Hunter

During this bonus round, you will need to pick a suspect from a board and this will reveal Martians or Humans, landing Martians will reveal a cash multiplier, but getting 3 or more humans will bring the bonus round to an end and you will collect your winnings. If you’re lucky and you land the Martian Ambassador then you will get the Big Money boost.

We Come in Peace

In this bonus round, you will select containers which fill the banks at the sides of the screen. Once one of the banks has been filled the value of this will be awarded and in the bonus panel 1 of the following rewards will be given:

Multiplier: A multiplier will be displayed in the bank and the feature will continue. Big Money: You may be awarded the Big Money to boost your bonus winnings and this will end the feature. The feature will end when you find the Maritan Orb and this will then explode and you will collect your bonus winnings.

D.N.A Analysis

In this bonus round, you will be taken to a new screen, and on this screen, you will be given 5 Free Spins. In this game, wilds will scroll down the reels as they spin and when they come to a stop and after each spin, the wilds will expand to the height of one more symbol.

Martian Takeover

As with the previous bonus, you will be moved to a new screen and awarded 10 Free Spins and this will also have Roaming Wilds. In every spin, there is a chance to bring in the Roaming Robot Wild on the reels. These will fill the entire reels and substitute themselves for all symbols. When a roaming Robot Wild reaches the leftmost reel on the next spin it will then be removed.

Final Stand

In the new reel in this bonus round, you will be awarded unlimited free spins. During the spins, an advance symbol may appear on reel 2 for the humans and reel 4 for the Martians. These symbols will cause their respective bar at the bottom of the screen and this screen will fill by 1 segment, the humans will then multiply all the wins and the Martians will eliminate symbols at specified milestones of the progress bar. The first bar to reach the final segment will end the feature.

Feature Gamble

Whenever you get a feature win you will get the opportunity to either collect or to gamble to try and win higher-paying features in the game. The Collect and Gamble options will come up on the screen, but remember if you choose to gamble you may lose all of your winnings.

Progressive Jackpot

As well as the bonus features, this game contains the progressive jackpot, this can be activated randomly on any spin. The 5 Jackpot symbols will appear on the reels 1 to 5. As with the other games featuring the Jackpot King, this will bring up a new set of reels and you will have to find the Golden Crowns to move up the Cash Trail. If you reach the top you will get the opportunity to spin the Wheel King Bonus to try and win Big Total Bet Multipliers or maybe even the Progressive Pot!

I bet you’re wondering how the Jackpot King gets so big? Well, 0.13% of each stake is added to a reserve pot. When the Jackpot King is dropped it will reset using the reserve pot. The Jackpot begins with a seed fund which means the Jackpot ends up being funded by the initial seed with an added 0.86% of each stake. Then the final drips of that are the equivalent to 0.13% which is given to the reserve pot.