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Live London Roulette

Have you dreamed of travelling to London and visiting your favourite casino to play roulette? Well now you don't have to. Thanks to a combination of computer and video technology, you can enjoy Live London Roulette wherever you are via your desktop PC, laptop computer, or mobile device. It is a live Roulette game played from anywhere you have an internet connection.




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What is Live London Roulette?

Live London Roulette is the real thing. This is no computer simulation that leaves you alone with your gaming device and your imagination. It is a genuine roulette game being played using a real roulette wheel, a real betting table, and a live croupier to manage everything. You are connected to your live roulette game by way of streaming video and audio. Computer-generated graphics offer you the controls you need to participate in the game.

So, how do they do it? Online casinos and game designers utilise a unique system that mixes gaming technology with live broadcasting technology. The same blue screen system that makes it possible for broadcasters to put virtually anything on your TV screen powers Live London Roulette. The combined technologies offer you all the sights and sounds of live casino play without having to visit a land-based casino.

Because the game is live, you will see the roulette wheel and marble moving in real time. You will hear the sounds normally associated with this decades-old game. You will even be able to communicate with you croupier using text-based chat. Your croupier will respond audibly, and you'll hear it over your computer or mobile device's sound system. It is all pretty amazing.

Playing Live London Roulette Online

Playing Live London Roulette is no different than playing at a land-based casino in terms of game principles and rules. As you already know, roulette is all about a wheel with a variety of numbered and coloured slots and a small marble. The roulette wheel spins in one direction while the marble moves in the opposite direction around the rim of the wheel. Eventually the marble loses its momentum and falls into one of the numbered slots.

Your goal is to figure out where that marble will drop. You place your wagers accordingly. If you guess right, you will win your wager. The challenging part is making your wagers. There are dozens of possibilities, some of which have higher odds than others. Here are some examples:

Odd or Even – Wager that the marble will drop into either an odd or even numbered slot. This is a 50-50 bet. Black or Red – Another 50-50 bet based on the two colours assigned to the numbered slots. Single Numbers – You can wager on any single number you choose. Number Groups – You can also wager on groups of numbers. There are multiple ways to do this including groups of three, groups of four, and even groups of 12.

A single number wager has odds of one-in-37. These are the highest odds in the game and, as such, offer the highest payout. All the 50-50 bets represent the lowest odds in the game. That means their payouts are comparatively small.

The thing about Live London Roulette is that you are not limited to a single bet. You can make multiple wagers on every spin if you so desire. Just so long as you have the chips to support your wagers, you can wager up to the table limit on every single spin.

To play, just drag chips onto the betting table according to the wagers you want to make. When you are satisfied, click the 'Spin' button to let your croupier know you're ready to go. There may be other players at the table still making their wagers, so be patient. The croupier will spin the wheel when everyone is set.

Note that you must clear the table after each spin if you want to change your bets. Failing to click the 'Clear' button means your wagers will remain intact for the next spin. If you are placing chips and change your mind, you can click the 'Undo' button and start over.

About Special Features in Live London Roulette

Live London Roulette doesn't offer bonus or special features along the same lines as what you normally find with video slot games. However, the casino may offer player bonuses from time to time, so be sure to check out Live London Roulette on a regular basis. Playing Live London Roulette is always a good time but playing with a casino bonus is even better.

Roulette is an easy game to learn but a tough one to master. If you are new to the game, take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the different kinds of bets so that you understand your wagering options. Then go play. The best way to master roulette is to practice.