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Jungle Jackpots

About Jungle Jackpots

Jungle Jackpots offers players 5 reels and 20 paylines themed around the famous Rudyard Kipling story featuring Mowgli, Baloo and the rest of the characters. The game offers wild symbols, bonus symbols, and five extra features that provide plenty of opportunities to win big!


All 20 paylines are in play for every standard spin, so there's no need to choose paylines before you bet. You can begin the game by using the plus and minus symbols next to the Total Bet window to set your wager. Whatever you wager is spread across all 20 paylines. When you are ready to spin, you can do so manually by clicking the 'Spin' button or automatically by clicking 'Autoplay'. In this game, the 'Spin' button is located at the far right corner. The centre display tells you how much you have won should you achieve the necessary winning combinations. Keep button placement in mind so that you do not accidentally hit the 'Autoplay' button when you intended to click 'Spin'. Once the reels start in motion, they will continue spinning until each one stops randomly. You win on any combinations of two or more identical and adjacent symbols on the same line. All winning combinations must originate from the first position in the far left. All winning combinations will be highlighted after the spin has concluded and awards totalled accordingly.


Should you decide to use Autoplay, you will be able to choose up to 50 spins that will be made automatically by the game. The wager you set before the first spin will apply to all of the automatic spins. Autoplay will continue until you hit the 'Stop' button, trigger a bonus feature, or run out of credits to continue betting.


Jungle Jackpots includes wild, scatter, and bonus symbols. The wild symbol can substitute for every other symbol except scatter and bonus symbols. Wild symbols can create winning combinations or be combined with others to create wins. As for bonus and scatter symbols, they have functions separate from wild symbols.


There are two Free Spins bonus games in Jungle Jackpots. The first, known as Baloo’s Colossal Free Spins, is triggered when you achieve scatter symbols on reels 1 and 3 and the Baloo symbol on reel 5 during standard play. You'll know you have triggered this feature when you see elephants walking across the screen and leaving free spins behind. The number of free spins awarded depends on what the elephants decide. During this round, achieving additional Baloo Colossal symbols with 2x2 and 3x3 symbols multiply your winnings. Additional free spins cannot be re-triggered in the round.


During the Baloo’s Colossal Free Spins bonus, the wild Bagheera symbol may appear on the third reel. If that symbol creates a win on any of your free spins, it will trigger the Bagheera Free Spins bonus. All of the winning symbols in the combination (including the wild) are held in place while the remaining reels re-spin. New wins will be calculated, the symbols held, and remaining reels spun again. The process will continue until there are no more winning combinations produced. The nature of this bonus is such that you can re-trigger it multiple times before returning to the standard Free Spins bonus.


You will trigger Baloo’s Cash Bonus if you achieve scatter symbols on reels 1 and 3 along with a Baloo’s Cash Bonus symbol on reel 5 during standard play. At the start of this bonus game, Baloo will appear to begin pushing on the Golden Money tree. Gold coins will fall from the tree and accumulate in the Bonus Win meter. You will be prompted to choose one of Baloo's hands once all of the coins stop falling. If your choice reveals 'Collect', you will receive an award equal to the value of accumulated coins multiplied by the wager that triggered the round. If your choice reveals 'Continue', Baloo will start shaking the tree again. The process continues until you reveal the 'Collect' hand.


If bonus scatter symbols appear on reels 1 and 3 along with a Mowgli’s Cash Trail Bonus symbol on reel5, you will trigger the Mowgli’s Cash Trail Spins bonus round. The round starts with Baloo tossing Mowgli into the air. Mowgli will ultimately land on a branch and then proceed to jump from one branch to the next until finally stopping. A multiplier will then be revealed along with vultures who will fly onto the screen. You will have to choose an outcome to reveal either the 'Collect' or 'Continue' option. The rest of this bonus works the same way as Baloo's Cash Bonus. If you reveal the 'Continue' option, Mowgli will jump again to reveal a new multiplier. If you reveal the 'Collect' option, the total value of your multipliers will be applied to your wager to calculate your winnings for the round. If Mowgli makes it to the top of the tree before you reveal the 'Collect' option, there will be a special award waiting for you underneath the apple.


Jungle Jackpots offers a unique feature known as Mowgli’s Wild Adventure. You will know this feature is about to be activated when the pages of the book that make up the main screen begin to flicker. Once they start turning the bonus feature could be triggered at any point. A turn of the pages may reveal one of the game's main characters, each with a unique power to help you win more. When Mowgli is the chosen character, he will swing across the screen while randomly turning reels into wild symbols. If Hathi appears at the turn of the page, he will stomp across the screen (as elephants do) while randomly turning as many as 4 reels to wild symbols. Perhaps Kaa will appear on the turn of the page. If so, any Kaa wild symbols that appear on the reels will be locked in place once they stop. You will then get to pick from one of three baskets: 'Spin', 'Extra Wilds', or 'End'. Your choice reveals what happens next.

Lastly, if the Monkey Mischief character appears on the turn of the page, monkeys will begin showing up at the top of the screen, pulling on random reels as they go. Every pull reveals stacked symbols that will increase your winnings on any standard spin for which they are in play. Players should note that all of the other bonus rounds can be triggered even while Mowgli’s Wild Adventure is active. The length of time Mowgli’s Wild Adventure continues is not predetermined. It will randomly stop, and normal play will resume.


One of the most unique features of Jungle Jackpots might be the Gamble feature. Whenever a win is registered in one of the featured games, the player will have the option to either collect the prize or gamble it to try to access one of the other features for that spin. The only feature not available for gambling is Baloo’s Colossal Spins. All other features are in play, meaning that a player could theoretically trigger all of the features on a single spin before returning to standard play. When the Gamble feature is activated, you will be offered a choice from among the four available features, organised by the value of average payout beginning from the left. If you wish to gamble, click the 'Press to Gamble' button on your chosen feature and see what happens. If you gamble successfully, you will win the award for that feature and be offered the opportunity to gamble again. If you lose, you do not get the award you gamble and the game returns to base play. Should you successfully gamble and win all available features, your winnings could be significant.

Additional Information

All 20 paylines are active for every spin in Jungle Jackpots. Winning combinations must originate from the far left position and can consist of 2-5 like symbols on adjacent reels. Multiple wins across multiple paylines are added together; multiple wins on the same payline result in only the highest value win being awarded. Scatter wins are paid separately and added to the total award for the spin on which they occurred. Any game malfunction immediately stops play and voids all pays and plays.