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    Wish Upon A Jackpot

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    Do wishes really come true? They can, when you play Wish Upon a Jackpot. This beautiful and inviting slot game combines all of the excitement of video slots with the magical world of fairy-tale legends. Making it all possible is the Fairy Godmother, a rather benevolent character who finds happiness in helping players win big. If you enjoy fairy-tales, you will love Wish Upon a Jackpot.

    play Wish Upon A Jackpot

    Game Information

    Wish Upon A Jackpot


    Wish Upon a Jackpot is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot game with two main bonus games. The second bonus game, known as the Fairy-tale Bonus, offers you an opportunity to play one of four additional bonus games as part of the round. It is all very exciting.

    To begin play, set your wager for all 20 paylines using the + and - buttons at the bottom of the screen. Then click the 'Spin' button to set the reels in motion. Any winning combinations originating from the far left position results in the awarding of the prize. Only one win per line is awarded in the event multiple winning combinations appear on the same line. The game includes Wild symbols that can substitute for anything but bonus symbols.

    Wish Upon a Jackpot offers an autoplay feature that allows up to 25 automatic spins per play. Just click the appropriate button at the bottom of the screen to start autoplay.


    The Fairy Godmother Bonus is the first of the two primary bonus games. Should the Fairy Godmother appear during standard play, she might trigger her bonus round that will most certainly add to your winnings. Choose a magic orb to reveal your prize at the start of the round, then spin the reels. You have lots of ways to win thanks to three different Wild symbols that include the Gingerbread Man, Puss in Boots, and Pinocchio. What's more, each of the Wilds has the potential of turning other symbols Wild as well.


    The Fairy-tale Bonus is the second primary bonus game in Wish Upon a Jackpot. It includes four additional bonuses, starting with the Rumpelstiltskin Deal Maker Bonus. If Rumpelstiltskin appears, he will begin making offers based on a contract scroll he carries with him. You can take or leave each offer made. Any offer you choose to leave will disappear and be replaced by another from the scroll until all offers have been exhausted. Should you get to the end, the last offer will automatically be accepted.


    If Jack should appear during the Fairy-tale Bonus, he will trigger the Jack and the Beanstalk Bonus round. The idea here is to choose Magic Beans that will cause your beanstalk to grow incrementally. You keep picking until your beanstalk either reaches the top or you reveal the 'Collect' symbol. Make it to the top and you will be awarded the Golden Goose egg and a big prize; otherwise, your award will be determined by how high your beanstalk grew.


    During the Fairy-tale Bonus, you may see the 3 Little Pigs appear on your reels. Achieve all three to trigger the Free Spins Bonus. During this round, standard symbols can be transformed into Wilds if any of the 3 Little Pigs appear during a given spin. Any symbols changed into Wilds remain as Wilds until the conclusion of the round. An appearance by the Pig Wizard on your final spin will re-trigger additional free spins.


    You can trigger a second Free Spins Bonus If Rapunzel appears during the Fairy-tale Bonus round. Rapunzel will wait patiently for Prince Charming, who will slowly climb the tower as you spin. If he makes it to the top, you'll win big. This round includes enriched reels that increase your winnings with every spin.

    Game Stats



    Min. Bet


    Max. Bet



    92.46% - 95.26%

    Bonus Rounds

    Fairy Godmother Bonus

    Rumpelstiltskin's Deal Maker

    Jack and the Beanstalk

    3 Little Pigs Free Spins

    Rapunzel Free Spins