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    The Roulette table at any land-based casino is where you'll find the high rollers looking for an action-packed experience. You can play Roulette at home thanks to the Player's Suite Roulette game that accurately replicates the live experience, right down to the sound of the ball rattling around the Roulette wheel and falling into place. 

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    Game Information

    How to Play


    Roulette is a simple game in principle. You place your wagers based on how you think the ball will land, then instruct the croupier to spin the wheel. If the ball does land as you predicted, you win.

    The most complicated part of the game is understanding how to place your bets. We recommend you start with the simplest bets, as explained below, and only make the more complicated bets after you have gained some experience. The most complicated bets offer both the highest rewards and the biggest risks.


    When you first sit down at the Roulette table, you will be presented with a screen that shows the Roulette wheel to the left, the Number Board to the right, and the Racecourse at the bottom. You will also be presented with your starting bank of chips just below the Number Board. Place your initial wager by dragging and dropping your chips according to whatever bet you want to make. When you are satisfied, click the yellow 'Spin' button to set the wheel in motion.

    You can click 'Undo' to cancel your last chip movement or click 'Clear All' to clear your chips and start over. Along the very bottom of the screen, you can keep track of your balance, the total that you have placed for the next spin, and your winnings.

    Placing Your Bets

    As previously stated, there are multiple ways to bet in Roulette. You essentially have two choices: standard bets and section bets. Below is a brief explanation presented in bullet points. If you don't understand how section bets work, you should probably study up before you play them.

    Standard Bets

    • Straight: any one number on the board

    • Split: any two adjacent numbers

    • Trio: bet on any three adjacent numbers

    • Corner: any four adjacent numbers

    • Six Number: bet on any six numbers by placing your chips at the end of a row

    • Even or Odd: bet on the even or odd numbers (except 0)

    • Red/Black: bet on numbers according to their colour

    • Low/High: bet on low numbers (1-18) or high numbers (19-36)

    • First 12: bet on numbers 1-12

    • Second 12: bet on numbers 13-24

    • Third 12: bet on numbers 25-36

    • Column: bet on a Number Table column

    Section Bets

    • Neighbour: bet on five numbers that appear on the Roulette wheel in succession

    • French: bet on an entire section of the Roulette wheel

    • Voisins: bet on the wheel section including numbers 22-25

    • Tiers: bet on the wheel section including numbers 27-33

    • Orphelins: bet on one of two wheel sections covering numbers 1-9 or 6-17

    Pattern betting allows you to create up to six patterns of your choosing, using both standard and section bets. You'll have to set up each pattern and save it for future use. This is done through the game's Options menu. Once a single pattern has been saved, the Pattern button will appear in the user interface. Clicking it will let you choose a pattern to wager.

    Please note that all standard bets are placed using the Number Board to the right. Section bets are placed using the Racecourse at the bottom.

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