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    Genie Jackpots

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    Finding a Genie lamp and rubbing it in the hope of getting your three wishes is one way to pursue your dreams of untold riches. Playing Genie Jackpots is another way. Genie Jackpots is a fun and exciting way to spend some time while getting your chance at the treasures associated with the Genie legend. Along the way, you might even discover a Magic Carpet and 3 Wishes that could really boost your winnings.

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    Game Information

    Genie Jackpots


    Genie Jackpots is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot game with wild symbols and multiple scatter symbols. Wilds can substitute for anything but bonus and scatter symbols, creating more ways to win on every spin. But keep an eye on those wild symbols, there may be some surprises in store when you get to the 3 Wishes Power Spins bonus.

    Gameplay in Genie Jackpots is easy to understand yet still exciting enough to hold the attention of veteran players. To begin play, you simply choose your wager by using the + and - symbols accordingly. You do not choose paylines in this game; all 20 lines are active for every spin. Click the 'Spin' button when you are ready to begin.

    Genie Jackpots offers an auto-spin feature that enables the game to spin for you – as many as 25 times. Click the 'Autoplay' button, choose your wager, and off you go. Automatic spinning will continue until you either trigger a bonus, run out of money, or all of your automatic spins have been completed.


    The Mystery Win bonus game is your chance to work with the Genie to increase your winnings. In the bonus round, the Genie will strike his treasure chest to reveal a bonus prize. You will follow by choosing one of three lamps containing additional prizes. The two prizes are combined and added to the prize table, and then the process repeats. You can continue accumulating prizes until you select a lamp that reveals the Collect symbol. Your total winnings at that time are awarded, and the bonus round is over. Mystery Wins are triggered during standard play by achieving a bonus symbol on reels 1 and 3 along with a chest symbol on reel 5.


    Take a ride on the Magic Carpet and win up to 1000 times your original wager, but only if your journey takes you all the way to the Cloud with the Silver Lining. The bonus is triggered during standard play by achieving a bonus symbol on reels 1 and 3 along with a magic carpet symbol on reel 5.


    No Genie is legit without offering three wishes to whoever holds the lamp. The Genie Jackpots Genie is no different. During standard play, the Genie may appear randomly by emerging from his lamp. Should he do so, you will be granted three Power Spins with wishes of your choosing. Simply choose one of the magic lamps the Genie offers. Each lamp contains a prize to be applied to your spin.

    During the 3 Wishes bonus round, both Monkey Wilds and Genie Wilds become very important. They can turn other symbols into Wilds, trigger extra spins, and even double your winnings with the right combinations.


    Genie Jackpots offers a progressive jackpot available only during the 3 Wishes Power Spins bonus round. A progressive jackpot is one that slowly accumulates as more people log on to play the game. It is won by achieving jackpot symbols in the right positions during bonus play.

    All wins in Genie Jackpots must begin with the far left reel position. If multiple wins appear on a single line, only the highest value win is awarded; wins across multiple lines are added together for that spin’s total winnings. Scatter wins are added to the player's total winnings but paid separately from line wins.

    The Progressive Jackpot is available on any stake, with 1% of the stake being added to the Progressive Pot and 0.1% added to a hidden Reserve Pot.

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