Candy Bars casino game

Candy Bars

Candy Bars Slot Game

The appeal of Candy Bars is its 50 fixed paylines and Blackout wins. There are so many ways to bank large awards and you may quickly find this game among your favourites. Watch out for the number sevens because these are the symbols with the highest value. You could win up to 25,000 coins if you hit them just right!

How To Play

The only thing you need to do to start play is determine your coin value. You can do so by using the + and - buttons at the bottom of your screen. Your chosen value will be multiplied by 75 coins and then spread evenly across all 50 paylines. That essentially means you are wagering 1.5 coins per line.

Click the yellow 'Spin' button to begin play. The reels will spin and randomly stop, then the reels will be analysed for wins. You can also click the green 'Autoplay' button to allow the game to spin for you. It is at the far right, next to the blue 'Settings' button.

Wild Symbols

There are no Bonus or Scatter symbols in this game. However, the gumball is Wild. It appears only on 2 and 3, but it does add an extra twist. One Wild used to complete a winning combination doubles your prize; two multiplies it by 4X. Combining Wilds and sevens could mean a pretty impressive win.

##Blackout Wins Bonus

A Blackout win is achieved by filling all of the reels with the same symbol on a single spin. Not only do you receive a bonus prize for doing so, but you are also awarded individual wins for all 50 paylines. That means a Blackout win could be huge.

For example, the red sevens are the highest paying symbol. A Blackout win with all red sevens exclusively awards 25,000 coins. You can get a Blackout win with a combination of red and blue sevens.

Personal Progressive Bonus

If you are familiar with video slots, you are well aware of what is known as the Progressive Jackpot. Candy Bars takes the concept one step further by allowing you to build personal progressive jackpots as you go. With every spin, you will be adding to one of three jackpots as follows:

Snack Size – win by filling the second reel with chocolate King Size – win by filling reels 2 and 3 with chocolate Giant Size – winning by filling reels 2-4 with chocolate

Personal progressive jackpots don't reset until you either win one or complete a game. Whatever you have accumulated will roll over into your next session as a result. This is yet another feature that makes Candy Bars a real pleasure to play. No wonder this game is one of the most loved among online slot players.