Celebrity Ex on the Beach Weekly Roundup

Celebrity Ex on the Beach Episode 14

Between looking for brand new online casino games and creating fresh new casino blog content for our players, we make sure to slip in some time to get stuck into an episode of Celebrity Ex on the Beach for drama and gossip abound! In episode 14 there were some heated arguments, challenges, and a new potential couple! If you haven’t got around to watching the episode yet or if you’re looking for a quick recap that you can send to your friends in an effort to persuade them to catch up, read on and we’ll fill you in!

Marissa and Lorena

It all started with a game of cheap kicks in which our celebs had to say what they really thought about some of their fellow contestants. Marissa’s turn had her picking who she thought the biggest snake was of the group and, albeit reluctantly, ended up picking Joey’s beau, Lorena. Note to self: don’t call Lorena a snake - especially in front of Joey. In the wise words of Michael, “What you arguin’ for? It’s really not that deep…”

Georgia and Miles

While we know many viewers have been rooting for Georgia and Ashley, she headed off on a paddleboarding date with Miles to see if they could weather any rough waters that came their way. When they took a moment to get to know each other they seemed to gel really well and they both dubbed it the best date they had ever been on (sorry, Ashley…) but does Miles have the cheeky chappy persona that Georgia’s looking for or is she going to find her way back to Ashley? Time will tell!

Here’s looking ahead to the next episode - we can’t wait to live vicariously through these drama-loving celebs and see what they get up to next!