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Best Casino in Las Vegas

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If you’ve read the first article in our online casino blog Vegas series you’ll know about our top things to do in Las Vegas outside of the typical casino activities that many travellers flock to the city to get involved in.

One of our favourites was the SlotZilla Zip Line which you can find on Fremont Street - arguably the most famous location in the gambling capital of the West, and a spot on the to-do list that led us to create this new instalment: the best casinos in Vegas!

We wanted to look into the biggest, best, and most unique casino venues that the Nevada city of lights has to offer, so whether you’re planning a getaway or just dreaming of one you can do it to your heart’s content while you read through our casino recommendations.

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

Available Casino Games: Over 1,700 slot machines, Baccarat, Craps, Blackjack, Roulette, Sports Book, and Poker.

Mandalay Bay offers one of the biggest casino venues in the entire city with a size of over 160,000 square feet. It’s huge. For a bit of reference, one of the biggest UK land-based casinos is Aspers in Newcastle upon Tyne, which spans multiple floors with plenty of space for socialising and playing the various game offerings. As big as that venue feels it actually only comes in at 45,000 square feet. Even London’s famous Hippodrome pales in comparison to the Vegas giant, itself coming in at just 90,000 square feet.

The building itself is remarkable, boasting not only a hotel and casino but also an aquarium, entertainment complex, and spa. Its palatial hallways and the regal-looking interior are popular with snap-happy visitors and we’re sure your Instagram followers would agree.

One of our favourite things about Mandalay Bay is that it offers free Poker lessons each and every day at 2 pm - so if you’ve had a read through our How to Play Poker guide and want a more practical learning experience then this is a great opportunity if you’re already in Vegas. Definitely worth getting involved in!

The slot machines line the edges of the casino to frame the table games spread out across the centre of the room. A notable mention is Da Vinci Diamonds which can be found in the Mandalay Bay casino, so keep your eyes peeled for the Renaissance hit!

Bellagio Hotel and Casino

Available Casino Games: Over 2,300 slot machines, 136 table games including Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Baccarat, and Sports Book.

The Bellagio almost made the cut in our Vegas travel guide because of its awe-inspiring fountain shows - and they’re not only free but also incredibly regular; you can head over and catch the majesty of the lights and water performance every 30 minutes!

Since this blog post is focusing more on the casino aspect of Las Vegas, you’re probably more interested in which slot games and other related casino games that you can play or spin through in this famous building full of grandeur and fantastic potential for payouts. Nestled inside the high walls of the marble-adorned casino complex are a vast number of tables and games of a wide variety of slot machine themes to suit all types of players - so be you a beginner or a seasoned slots aficionado, you’re bound to find slots in one of Vegas’ most exuberant casino venues.

Of all the casinos on our list, this is probably the best location for you if you’re looking for somewhere to put your live casino Hold'em practice to use in a land-based setting. With daily tournaments and 40 tables in total for you to pull up a pew at, it’s world-renowned for its Poker and has long been one of the hotspots for Poker games, even making an appearance on the silver screen.

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

Available Casino Games: 2,500 slots, 139 table games including Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Craps, Pai Gow, and more.

When you think of Las Vegas you think of bright lights, the jingle of the slot machines, and an eclectic mix of culture - and you get all this and more in the heart of Vegas’ casino district at the MGM Grand. We shone a well-deserved spotlight on the venue in our previous Vegas blog post but we’re going to mention them again - this is the quintessential Las Vegas, encapsulating the heart and energy of the city in every way.

In spite of it being a grand and luxurious location, you don’t need to be a high-roller to stake at the MGM Grand; some of its casino games offer low stake entries from just 1 cent - but it really doesn’t get any grander than this casino giant. Did you know it’s the third-largest hotel resort in the world? It’s so massive that the nearby airport offers MGM guests their own registration and check-in facilities.

The MGM Grand is particularly well-known for its huge number of slot machines - as we said, there are 2,500 machines and plenty of variety to help you pick your preferred game out from the crowd. Fancy trying to spin your way into one of the casino’s progressive jackpots? Well, they have plenty of suitable machines for you.

There is plenty of overlap regarding the games that they offer and the games you can spin through on your mobile or desktop devices right here at Pink Casino - from the cheery Bavarian Heidi’s Bier Haus to the Far East hit 88 Fortunes you can get a taste of Vegas right from your front room - or wherever it is you like to play.

Best Casino Games UK

Our speciality here at Pink Casino, other than our fantastic range of slot games, is online bingo - so much so that we’ve got dedicated lobbies for our players to have a natter with likeminded people - along with our dedicated chat moderators who would love to get you involved in the community experience.

In terms of our available bingo games, you can head on over for a classic round of 90 Ball Bingo with plenty of games at all times of the day - including Feature Nights for possible BOGOF, Happy Hours, and Spin to Win events between 6pm and 11pm.

If you’d prefer a fast-paced round of Speed Bingo then we’ve got just the ticket! With games available from 5p or less, this is a short-but-sweet game that could pay out with brilliant prize pots that increase as the day goes on - will you win one of our speedy cash prizes?